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An Ideal Formula for Reaching New Moms

Posted by Jim Iott on Aug 21, 2018 11:07:00 AM


Our last blog talked about the importance of reaching new moms given the many upfront and ongoing purchases needed to prepare for baby. Research shows that family and friends play a key role in making these baby-related purchases. Family and friends not only buy gifts for the new mom and baby but they also help to prepare in many ways for baby’s arrival.

A majority of baby-related purchases will be made by family members, friends, and other loved ones. Family members, for example, will spend on average $100 on a baby shower gift while close friends will spend $50.

Influential Loved Ones

In addition to buying these items, immediate friends and family members will provide valuable insight and input into what to get and how to best prepare for baby’s arrival. Reports from eMarketer indicate that as many as 78 percent of moms rely on suggestions from family and friends when buying products for their kids.

Reaching these new moms and their influential loved ones with timely, relevant information when they’re most likely to be in market for baby-related items is an ideal way to establish valuable brand relationships and preferences.

Identifying New Moms

Making these important connections requires first identifying who these new moms are. Our last blog talked about analyzing your current customer file or combining with a prospect file containing both prenatal and new baby data. High quality life stage data is key to identifying new moms who are in market for baby-related products and services. Be sure to further refine your target audience with relevant lifestyle attributes like household income and presence of children.

Making Important Connections

Once you’ve determined your initial audience of new moms, their family and friends can be identified with a family identity graph and audience extension solution like RelativeLinks. A family identity graph enables you to connect to family and friend networks of these new moms when they are “in market” for baby-related items.

After your target audience of new moms and their loved ones have been finalized and aligned with impactful marketing messages, they are ready to be targeted through omnichannel campaigns across all online and offline channels.

To learn more about how to reach new moms and their loved ones with timely, relevant gift ideas check out our one sheet.


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