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Deep Dive Into Analytics: Predictive Models for Customer Acquisition

Brandon Mathias   |  0 Comments   |  Jul 30, 2019 3:10:52 PM

Modern marketers often frame their role as developing customer-centric marketing strategies to maximize some metric of importance, such as response rates, ROI, or cost per acquisition (CPA). Predictive models are analytical tools that provide us a formal way for maximizing (or minimizing) those metrics. This post is Part I in a series offering a deep dive into how predictive models are developed and can be used in new customer acquisition.

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In B2B Marketing, Data Is Just The Beginning

Anthony Pauley   |  0 Comments   |  Jul 2, 2019 9:22:32 AM

B2B marketers know that great direct marketing campaigns start with accurate data: A 2018 study showed that 89% of marketers believe data quality is critical in driving B2B sales and marketing campaigns.

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