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Keeping PACE with Customer Engagement

Posted by Jim Iott on Mar 28, 2014 5:30:00 PM

I am looking forward the PACE Annual Convention & Expo next week. Although this is my first PACE event, it is the latest of many PACE (and ATA) events for Speedeon Data, who I joined earlier this year as its Chief Revenue Officer, and who, for years, has been helping clients to improve contact center operations and direct marketing results.
It is a transformational period for the contact center industry and an exciting time to be a contact center professional. With increasing usage of mobile and other digital technology, and fundamental changes in customer behavior and brand interaction.  More than ever, today’s contact center is at the vanguard of a brand’s ability to survive, and even thrive, in this new age of customer engagement. The stakes are high, the rewards are rich, and the risks are profound for technologists, marketers, analysts, and customer specialists. In the wake of emerging technologies, expanding media channels and new customer engagement paradigms are new data sources and ever expanding levels of customer data. More than ever, improving customer engagement and satisfaction, and increasing revenue, profit and lifetime value is dependent on quality customer data and data-driven decisions.
I look forward to discussing how Speedeon Data is positioned to help address the challenges and opportunities facing today’s contact center professionals. How we combine a client-focused approach, expertise in data analytics and direct marketing, and the highest quality data delivered through innovative data solutions, including: data append, reverse phone and email appendmover programs, data hygiene and optimization, and data modeling 

For more information on how Speedeon Data can drive remarkable results for today’s contact center, please visit our Contact Center Solutions page or contact me directly. If you happen to be attending the PACE Annual Convention next week, I welcome the opportunity to speak with you.  
We look forward to bringing data-driven success to your contact center operations and marketing programs.
Marc Jerauld

Chief Revenue Officer
Speedeon Data


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