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Take Your Multicultural Marketing to the Next Level in Four Easy Steps

Posted by Jim Iott on Aug 16, 2018 11:05:00 AM


Our last blog discussed the growing importance of reaching multicultural audiences. These groups are very family focused and if your marketing doesn’t include messaging to reach their larger familial networks, you could be missing out on key influencers and decision makers. By using just a few key tools, you can take your multicultural marketing to the next level and make sure you’re not only reaching this group, but also their influential loved ones.

Identify these multicultural consumers with high quality lifestyle data

A quality multicultural database can enable you to identify consumers by key attributes, including:

  • Country of origin
  • Language
  • Religion and
  • Assimilation

You can then further refine your audience profile with over 1,000 demographic attributes like income, age, and location.

Further segment consumers with predictive analytics

A variety of predictive analytics tools can be used to determine which individuals will be most likely to respond to your offers, spend the most, and provide the greatest lifetime value. Consider working with a company that has an in-house analytics team so you can incorporate these resources into your marketing without the added overhead. To learn more about the benefits of predictive analytics check out our one sheet.

Engage influential family and friends

Once you’ve identified and segmented your potential customers using quality lifestyle data and predictive analytics, a family identity graph like RelativeLinks can help you engage influential family and friends of these consumers during important milestones like birthdays and anniversaries. To learn more about the benefits of a family identity graph check out our “Reach Family and Friends When it Matters” Infograph.

Reach them with an omnichannel approach

Once your multicultural audience and their influential loved ones have been identified, you will need to reach them with omnichannel campaigns across all relevant offline and online channels. This will not only help increase brand awareness but also help with customer engagement.

To learn more about how you can take your multicultural marketing to the next level, check out our one sheet.



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