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What We Were Talking About At CommerceNext

Posted by Matt Whipple on Aug 6, 2019 12:12:49 PM

Last week, I was glad to join members of the Speedeon Data team at CommerceNext in New York. We were fortunate to connect with some of the 800 digital retail executives in attendance and join a variety of sessions on marketing trends, tactics, and best practices.

I noticed a few key themes among the presentations I attended and the conversations I had with other conference-goers. Here are three trends that seemed to stand-out at CommerceNext:

  1. What’s Old is New Again: We are always discovering new technologies, new channels, and new tactics—but at the end of the day, some of the newest advancements can be best used to enhance the tried and true methods that we know bring the best marketing returns. Companies can apply the same programmatic campaign design and deep personalization that they use in digital channels to channels like direct mail and see great returns. Two sessions, including Marketing Inside The Box: Packaging As A Marketing Platform and Direct Mail For The Digital Age: Personalized And Attributable Physical Mail At Scale really went into how companies can use direct mail to drive conversion, profitability and customer loyalty—and who doesn’t want to do that?

  2. Storytelling Should Be A Branding Priority: Are you creating content that your audience wants to see? Identifying the stories that will engage your audience can play a significant role in growing your business, as demonstrated by Joe Megibow’s keynote, Purple & The Power Of Brand Storytelling. By communicating brand through stories, marketers can truly give consumers authentic reasons to engage with your company.

  3. Retail’s Future is About Experience: A brand can’t just say “come to our store because we have a bunch of dresses” anymore. According to Rachel Schectman’s keynote, In-Store Experience Is The Future Of Retail, you have to tell a story about that will entice visitors to your brick and motor and make them interested in experiencing your products firsthand. Give them a touch and feel experience, rather than a catalogue of your products that they can more easily access online.

This week we’ll be at The Print Event in Minneapolis. Hope to see you there! 

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