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What We Were Talking About At CommerceNext

Matt Whipple   |  0 Comments   |  Aug 6, 2019 12:12:49 PM

Last week, I was glad to join members of the Speedeon Data team at CommerceNext in New York. We were fortunate to connect with some of the 800 digital retail executives in attendance and join a variety of sessions on marketing trends, tactics, and best practices.

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We Take Our Hats Off to eTail West!

Jim Iott   |  0 Comments   |  Feb 24, 2015 4:17:00 PM

More specifically, we doff our fezzes and fedoras. If you were at the eTail West “Around the World” Cocktail Party last Wednesday evening then you may know what we mean. Party goers donned a fez or fedora while they savored the flavor of old Morocco at our “Return to Casablanca” party station. It was a great turnout and a ton of fun. Congratulations to Worldwide Business Research, our conference organizers, for putting on a great event.

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Thanks For A Great Experience In Columbus

Jim Iott   |  0 Comments   |  Sep 22, 2014 11:30:00 AM

Congratulations to Stephanie Fischer and the entire GRMA staff for putting together a truly memorable Special Access Experience at The Ohio State University last weekend. And special thanks to Gene Smith, The Ohio State University’s Vice President and Athletics Director, and to Diana Sabau, Associate Athletics Director, whose exclusive insider view of the Big Business of Marketing the Ohio State Buckeyes was fascinating.

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CRMC and Our Continuing Focus on Retail

Jim Iott   |  0 Comments   |  Jun 6, 2014 9:30:00 AM

We are looking forward to many familiar and new faces at the Customer Relationship Management Conference this week in Chicago. This year’s conference marks the fifth consecutive year that Speedeon Data has been a CRMC sponsor. 

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GRMA Hosts Another Successful and Inspiring Conference

Jim Iott   |  0 Comments   |  May 25, 2012 12:00:00 PM

Congratulations to Stephanie Fischer and the entire team at the Global Retail Marketing Association. It’s been nearly a week since attending this year’s annual conference at the Don Cesar Resort in St. Pete, FL., and I am still feeling inspired by yet another outstanding GRMA event. 

Ultimately, I tend to measure the success of the various conferences that I attend throughout the year by the networking opportunities they provide and the extent to which I am able to build relationships and business opportunities with company leaders and decision makers. I am happy to say that the GRMA did a tremendous job facilitating valuable, face-to-face interaction among a notable group of retail industry executives and thought leaders. 
And once again, the GRMA put together a compelling agenda and roster of speakers that was truly extraordinary. Several of the speakers were particularly noteworthy and covered topics of special relevance to Speedeon Data. Dr. Peter Diamandis, Chairman and CEO of The X-PRIZE Foundation and bestselling co-author of
 "Abundance—the Future is Better Than You Think"delivered a fascinating presentation on how developing a culture of innovation can accelerate a company’s business objectives. Fred Reichheld, Bain Fellow and Founder of Bain & Company Loyalty Practice, and bestselling author of "The Ultimate Question 2.0", discussed how the Net Promotor Score is used to increase customer and employee loyalty, and to accelerate profitable growth.  And finally, Jim Stengel, former Global Marketing Officer of Procter & Gamble, current President and CEO of The Jim Stengel Company, and recent author of "Grow: How Ideals Power Growth and Profit at the World's Greatest Companies" demonstrated the cause-and-effect relationship between financial performance and fundamental human emotions, hopes, values and greater purposes.

So how does Speedeon Data develop a culture of innovation, increase loyalty among its customers and employees, and tap into our unique ideals? I don’t have all of those answers, but after attending another great GMRA conference, I am inspired in important new ways to find out.

 - Gerard Daher, President & CEO, Speedeon Data

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