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Why Third Party Data is Even More Important Given New Data Rules

Posted by Jim Iott on Jun 5, 2018 9:55:53 AM

With the elimination of partner categories on Facebook many marketers have been scrambling to target consumers with these new limitations. Marketers can still use third-party data but they need to first gather it outside of the Facebook platform. Advertisers rely heavily on third-party data to help them with their targeting efforts as many don’t have direct access to customer data. Even if a company has direct access to customer data, many categories have additional restrictions making it even more difficult to legally use first-party data.

For example, consumers can’t be targeted based on known medical conditions, forcing marketers to rely on contextual targeting such as placing ads next to relevant content. By leveraging third party data from a reputable provider, marketers can better target consumers within this demographic while still remaining compliant.

The importance of high-quality data from a reputable provider is even more important given these restrictions. Marketers can still use third-party data to target customers within Facebook but they can’t be first accessing this data directly within the Facebook platform. Instead they will need to have a targeted list based on data that they already own. This is where a reputable data provider comes in. A data provider that has high quality mover and life stage data along with predictive analytics and onboarding capabilities can help you properly target customers within Facebook, while still adhering to these new regulations.

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