Speedeon Data and Affinity Solutions Announce Breakthrough Mover Targeting Solution

Posted by Gary Wiggins on Jun 3, 2015 2:32:00 PM

Enables Brands to Effectively Reach Consumers Early in Move Period, Weeks Before Competition

CLEVELAND, June 3, 2015  Speedeon Data and Affinity Solutions announced today the availability of an advanced marketing solution that enables brands to reach consumers weeks in advance of traditional mover marketing programs, capturing revenue and share opportunities at the earliest point, with greatest competitive advantage.  

Movers typically spend approximately $9,000 on a variety of goods and services associated with their relocation during a 16-20 week window of opportunity. A majority of that purchase activity, forty-six percent, occurs within the first 8 weeks, well before traditional mover programs are able to identify these high-spending consumers.

Key features and benefits of the Advanced Mover Spend Model include:

  • Billions of anonymized card-based transactions, and advanced Affinity data analytics, are used to identify early-stage move signals, providing brands access to movers well ahead of competitors using traditional mover programs.
  • Important consumer purchase behavior factors, such as Average Spend, Shop Rate, and Ticket Size, are accurately predicted, throughout the mover life cycle,
  • Purchase trends are tracked across a range of relevant industry verticals, including: Home Improvement, Home Supply & Goods, Home Furnishings, Telecommunications, Financial Services, and more.

"Consumers on average spend $9,000, and engage 71 brands, within the first 3 months of moving, making this lucrative audience a compelling target for retailers, cable companies, and financial services companies," said Gerard Daher, President & CEO of Speedeon Data. "Partnering with Affinity Solutions allows us to combine our best-in-class mover data with comprehensive transactional data and spending triggers to give our clients a significant competitive edge," added G.I. Zaratsian, Vice President, Strategy & Business Development at Speedeon Data.

"We're delighted to partner with Speedeon Data on this important new initiative." said Jonathan Silver, Affinity Solutions CEO, "Our combined data assets and analytic capabilities will enable marketers to connect with new mover consumers as never before possible."

About Speedeon Data: 
In a data-driven world, Speedeon Data enables leading brands and marketing service providers to achieve direct marketing success by driving actionable insight, impactful communications, and measurable results. Speedeon Data combines a client-focused approach with proven expertise in data analytics, data processing, and direct marketing.  Speedeon Data delivers the highest quality data through innovative solutions, including: best-in-class mover programs, data append and reverse append, advanced data hygiene and optimization, and data modeling and analytics. For more information, please visit or follow the company on Twitter at @SpeedeonData.

About Affinity Solutions: 
Affinity Solutions is the industry leader in card-linked offers technology and transaction-enabled marketing solutions. Affinity leverages proprietary analytics, applied to a range of datasets in a privacy-controlled environment, to deliver the right offer to the right consumer at the right time, for its financial institution, retailer, and digital platform partners. Affinity Solutions has partnerships with nearly 4,000 national and regional banks, and approximately 10,000 brick-and-mortar retail partners. Its innovative programs incorporate experiential benefits designed to drive deeper and more valuable customer relationships for its partners. For more information, please visit, or follow the company on Twitter at @AffinitySolutns.